Health & Safety risk control measures and required personnel skills

  1. Testing and Validation of Tools and Technologies

    Integrated technologies and tools developed within the project need to be demonstrated and validated through simulation, field demonstration -using real full-scale projects- and case-study demonstration based on real data. This package of activities is fundamental to prove the successful applicability of new technologies and tools to the offshore wind industry.

  2. Economic and Market Assessment

    The new results achieved by the project need to be placed in an economic context. LEANWIND demonstrates that system optimisations and technology innovations have direct cost-saving benefits from which the whole wind industry will benefit. Offshore wind business and economic models that may encourage new sources of investment need to be examined. Moreover, the aim of the Economic and Market Assessment phase is to develop a commercialisation and implementation strategy that will ensure LEANWIND’s solutions to be effectively implemented.

    Deliverable 8.1, Executive summary: new offshore wind business models, financing and risk assessment
    Deliverable 8.2, Executive summary: Economics Model Report
    Deliverable 8.4, Executive summary: Assessment of existing market impact and market creation potential of project innovations