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Funded by the Seventh
Framework Programme (FP7)


LEANWIND Newsletter - October 2015



The LEANWIND project is now beginning to see the benefit of the planning work undertaken in 2014 with tangible outputs being produced in all work packages.  A large number of potential cost saving innovations have been identified and it is a clear objective to retain as many of these as possible to the end of the project.  The innovations typify the broad scope of work and range from technology development to new software and business models.  In addition we have developed a specification (in co-operation with DNV-GL) for an 8MW turbine and in doing so have overcome a major challenge within the project.  We continue to stay close to industry, through our Industry Advisory Board (IAG) but also in a wider sense such as at a LEANWIND side event taking place at the Maritime Europe Strategy Action (MESA) Conference in June 2015. Overall we can be very positive about the progress that has been made in the first 18 months. The challenge now is to maintain this progress for the rest of the project. 

All the best,
Jimmy Murphy

Project meeting and industry workshop, Oostende, BE, 15-17 Apr 2015. Visit to C-Power - Belgian Offshore Wind Farm



LEANWIND is a four-year project co-funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union. It will bring costreductions to the offshore wind energy industry through the application of lean principles to key aspects of an offshore wind farm and supply chain. It will do so by focusing on developing innovative technologies, procedures and tools that are directly
applicable and beneficial to the industry in the short to medium term. 

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Novel vessels and equipment

Primary vessels types that are used for both wind farm installation and O&M need to be more efficient; LEANWIND aims at developing new solutions for vessels currently in use and at designing new vessels - tailored to meet industry requirements.

Read the report: Key design parameters and criteria related to installation and maintenance vessels design; their layouts, crane operations and access systems;  

Read the Executive summary: Supply Chain Report;

Read the Executive summary: GIS database of manufacturing facilities, transportation links and port locations;

Read the Executive summary: new offshore wind business models, financing and risk assessment;

Watch the video Operation and Maintenance strategies - NAAS remote presence prototype.


Investigating the feasibility of buoyant gravity based foundations in the offshore wind market

A parametric study was undertaken by GDG in collaboration with Acciona Infrastructure into the viability of the buoyant Gravity Based Foundations (GBF). This study investigated the hydrodynamic stability of GBFs with various geometrical attributes during float-out and ballasting operations, in a range of water depths. Results were presented in a session dedicated to offshore foundations during the EWEA Offshore Conference which was held in Copenhagen in March 2015.
The output of the investigation highlighted that buoyant GBFs were seen to be very sensitive to the ballasting operations. Furthermore, the initial drafts of foundations at the load out was shown to require very deep water, creating a major supply-chain bottleneck on port infrastructure due to the limited availability of deep water quaysides and docks. More information about the parametric study can be found here:


In the next phase of this study, a GIS design tool is currently being developed in collaboration with the University of Hull and University of Edinburgh, where the competencies of existing ports and harbours in fulfilling the infrastructure requirements of buoyant GBFs are mapped out. The GIS tool will aid developers in identifying the most suitable port options for a given set of foundation requirements, and is aiming to create a clearer picture of the capabilities, bottlenecks, and potentials for improvement in the offshore wind supply chain.

Azadeh Attari, Design Engineer at GDG Geo Solutions
Azadeh Attari, GDG, giving a paper written with ACCIONA at 



A LEANWIND project event on “Vessels and transport logistics for offshore wind farms” was held within the framework of the MESA Policy Conference organised by SEA Europe in Brussels on 16th and 17th June 2015.
The invitation-only event commenced with a networking lunch. Following this, partners Lloyd’s Register, Delta Marine and MARINTEK presented concrete results achieved by the project on:
• Profile of vessels in use in wind farm construction;
• Different methods of installation strategies and flexibility gained by different vessel types;
• Logistics and fleet optimisation for the different phases of an offshore wind farm.
  Project meeting and industry workshop, Oostende, BE, 15-17 Apr 2015. Visit to C-Power - Belgian Offshore Wind Farm


Workshop: 'Reliability Data Collection and Maintenance Modelling Methods' (IEA Task 33)

The free workshop is part of a three-day event which brings together representatives from universities, utilities, and operators, manufacturers, R&D organisations and standards groups to share common experiences with collecting and modelling wind farm data with a view to improving Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategies and reducing Life Cycle Costs (LCC).


The project’s Industry Advisory Group (IAG) is informed about the project's progress and gives advice throughout the whole project lifecycle. The IAG has provided so far very useful feedback on the direction of the research, helping to ensure that the focus is always industry relevant.  

The IAG consists of Statoil (Norway), Dong Energy (Denmark), Statkraft (Norway), Siemens (Germany), Senvion (Germany), The Crown Estate (United Kingdom), Mainstream Renewable Power (Ireland) and DNV Kema (Norway).




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LEANWIND is mentioned in several press releases and articles. The participation in conferences and other events constitute an important part of the project’s dissemination and communication activities.

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